Anantya is located in the heart of the Karangasem regency of Bali, within the wonderfully quaint seaside village of Candidasa.

Here the attitude is laidback and relaxed. Life for the local Balinese follows more of a traditional path than many of the tourist-laden areas of Bali, adding to the charm and peacefulness of your visit.

There are myriad activities and tours available, both by the sea and inland, that will delight your curiosity of the Balinese culture and satisfy your desire to envelope yourself in the beautiful natural offers of Bali.

Don’t miss a visit to the tradition Bali Aga village of Tenganan, the Kerta Gosa Palace of Justice of the Water Palaces at Tirta Gangga. Just a few of the spectacular adventures that await you in the area around Anantya.